D C Groves & Son Privacy Policy

1 Introduction

1.1 D C Groves & Son is committed to complying with data protection legislation and good practice.

We only process personal information where there is a legitimate interest and only collect the minimum required to carry out moving services. We as a company do not process any client’s data for third party use.

1.2  We will provide clear information about how client’s personal information will be used and by whom.

1.3 We will process personal information fairly and lawfully.

1.4  We will keep personal information accurate and where necessary and up to date.

1.5  We will retain personal information only for as long as necessary for legal and regulatory reasons or, for legitimate organisational purposes.

1.6 We will respect individual’s rights in relation to their personal information including their right of subject of access

1.7 We ensure that all personal data is kept safe and secure. All data held in cabinets or cupboards is locked and keys are kept secure. We also adopt a clear desk policy in the office.

2 What we collect

Current address
New Address
Telephone numbers
E-mail address
Payment Details

3 How we collect and use your personal data

We collect and use your personal data for our own legitimate interest.

3.1 Where we collect your information from either a telephone or website enquiry  we will ensure this is kept safe and secure and passed on only to members within our organisation for the purposes of carrying out moving and storing services.

3.2 Staff training is given on the importance of protecting your personal data. We assure that your personal data away from our office ( Paper form ) is kept safe and secure and that all staff complies with this policy.

4 Disclosure of your personal data to third parties

4.1 We may at times disclose your personal information to our insurers for the purposes of providing adequate insurance cover or professional advisors where we may be involved in legal proceedings.

4.2 We may also disclose your details to a third party in order to carry out a service we as company do not provide but arrange.

5 Retaining and deleting your personal data

5.1 We will ensure your personal data we process will be kept for no longer than is necessary.

5.2 Personal data will be kept as follows

a Where your data is collected from a telephone or e-mail enquiry and entered onto an enquiry sheet we will ensure this is retained for a maximum of twelve months

b If you engage in our services and where we may have collected additional data in order to carry out a service for you we will ensure this data is retained for a maximum of twenty four months.

c Where your data is stored on our software system on request we can have this encrypted via our software provider.

d We will retain your information where there is a legal reason to do so.

6 Keeping your data secure

We are committed to ensuring your personal data remains safe.

6.1 Where your information is stored on servers we use Norton antivirus for protection and ensure back up of information on a daily basis.

6.2  D C Groves use Move administer Software for producing and storing paperwork.

6.3 D C Groves only uses office based IT systems which are protected with unique usernames and passwords all staff are required to lock computers when they are away from the desks.

6.4 D C Groves operates a strict clear desk policy.

7 Your Rights

7.1 Your right to access to the personal data we hold about you

7.2 Your right to rectify any information you think is wrong

7.3 Your right to have your information deleted

7.4 Your right to withdraw your consent to the processing at any time

7.5 Your right to have your data ported to another data controller

7.6 Your right where there is a dispute to request a restriction is placed on further processing

7.7 Your right to complain to a supervisory body ( The information commissioner’s office )

If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy please e-mail info@dcgroves.com